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    Upon graduation, Students also face a problem when they leave school as in today's world you must be efficient to find a job and the best way is to create a digital portfolio; however, these small insignificant sites will never rank online and therefore not many people will see your work unless they are directed to the exact URL path, for example,, and the same problem persists.

    Architectden not only allows students to create a digital portfolio, but also allows them to archive comments and reviews throughout the years, thus tracking their evolution as a deisgner.

    Our directories all have integrated Compare functionality, which allows a user to compare buildings, projects, architects, etc... in a head to head display.

Benefits for Students:
1. Access to our extensive and ever-growing database of buildings with unique content form all over the world
2. Compare function allows direct comparison of buildings, architects, student work and more
3. Create a  community profiles and upload ALL of your work to create a unique and valuable digital portfolio with and integrated review system
4. Network with your favorite architects and friends to help gain an edge in the marketplace upon graduation
5. Use our Program Database to download general programmatic requirements for ALL building types.  This helps students better understand design by connecting the visual result with the written requirements.