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About Us

Bienvenuti, Huan Yin, Welkom, Bienvenue, Willkommem, Bienvenidos, Welcome to architectden, an unprecedented global architecture portal that not only empowers architects, but also connects them with prospective clients from around the world.

Architects typically find their clientele within or through their existing network, thus inherently
limiting themselves and their business opportunities.  Most firms of any size have websites, but they are not set-up to be searched by the most popular internet search engines. 

architectden provides firms from around the world the opportunity to post portfolios of work and attract a virtually unlimited network of clients, by making them available through our architect's directory.  Whether you need to find an architect for a specific project or have simply been looking for an architect to design your dream home, architectden can accommodate your needs.  Our potential global network of local architects coupled with those internationally can exponentially increase your firm's visibility on the internet.

Have you ever you needed an architect's services but thought they cost too much? Or weren't sure how to get in touch with one and allowed a contractor to design?  There are many reasons why people don't have access to architects but mainly because there really isn't a place for them on the internet.  Aside from a few news sites and others based in popular architecture magazines, there really has never been a place for architects or those who simply love design and great buildings – until now!

At architectden, our project directory allows prospective clients from around the world to place their project needs online or search a potentially unlimited pool of architects in our architect's directory to fulfill their project needs.  They can view images of work, read reviews posted from other users and even search within specific criteria as to make the process more direct and efficient.

Our online architecture portal will also cover the latest architectural news from around the globe, keep users up to date on current events, conferences and lectures and allow all users a place to have questions answers regarding all aspects of architecture and design in our forum. 

Simply, architectden is the one place online dedicated to not only empower architects, but also connect them with an unlimited spectrum of potential clientele.