There are 522 listings and 62 reviews.


    Our Building Directory is target to become the largest database of mapped buildings on the internet, we just need a bit of time to continue uploading.  Each of the listings in the directory can be filter by various means and mapped on Google – our system even makes use of Google Streetview, which allows you to virtually walk around the building through our portal!

     The content we have for each of the buildings is unique and written by our staff of writers and editors.  This is also teamed up with reviews and comments per each of the listings allowing users to have a more complete understanding of the edifice.

Benefits of our Building Directory:
1. Useful for students writing papers, studying for exams and creating new designs
2. Universities can use our interface to show students a more detailed view of specific buildings
3. Users can locate and find the best pieces of architecture around the world and get directions to them if they plan to travel
4. Our integrated use of Google Maps and Streetview allows users to experience buildings in a true virtual 3D environment